MyWorld Rewards

MyWorld Rewards aims to make shopping, dining, travelling, and living more enjoyable through discounted experiences and exclusive deals. Accepted at all VISA merchants and with easy online payment solutions customers can now avail hassle-free rewards and unlimited cash-back offers, meaning the more you spend, the more you’ll get.


One card for everything

Never have to worry about whether or not you brought your membership cards with you – just bring your MyWorld Rewards prepaid card to shop worry-free.

One Card

No bank account or income requirements

All we need is a copy of your identification card or passport. Perfect for tourists and expatriates, or if you prefer to keep your banking information to yourself.

Accepted at all atm

Worldwide ATM cash withdrawal

Withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide that displays the VISA or VISA PLUS logo – indispensable for the true traveller.


MRewards In-­House-­Brand

Sahabat 1MALAYSIA-­MyKad
National Loyalty Program


MyWorld Rewards
Primium Brand

Friends of Malaysia
Club-­Tourist VISA
prepaid card FOM-­Premium
Travel VISA prepaid card


MyWorld-­CCI Rewards

Prepaid Card

eGeneration VISA
Prepaid Card

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